Maxi Cosi Pria 85

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This is a great car seat to rent while on holiday in Bermuda for your visitors or family, keep them safe and comfortable. We love this amazing convertible car seat, its so quick an easy to install and the perfect fit one hand adjustment for the harness height. No matter what height the child or if they like to switch seats its so easy to adjust to fit.

Getting your child in and out of the Pria 85 has been simplified, with handy harness holders to keep the harness straps out of the way. It fits children rear-facing starting at 14 pounds and keeps them cozy up to 40 pounds. When they’re ready to ride forward-facing, turn this car seat around to safely fit children up to 85 pounds. Both stages benefit from the safer side impact protection provided by Air Protect technology which protects your child where it’s needed most, around the head.

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Product Specifications

  • 14-40 pounds rear-facing
  • 22-85 pounds forward-facing